Plastiz - Mission

Plastiz has the objective to raise awareness, engage, and motivate people to take actions and commitment about the “plastic issue”, circular economy, and sustainable entrepreneurship. 

To promote among citizens, businesses, and institutions a new paradigm of perception about plastic, through processes, products, and educational workshops.


Plastiz is a company with zero impact on Planetary resources.

We recycle plastic materials that otherwise would end up in most cases dispersed in nature, committed to the dump or burned. 


The recycling process gives a second life to these precious materials. 

Moreover, the production activity is powered only with renewable energies.  

Plastics were conceived at the end of the XIX Century to replace scarce resources like ivory, from the 1950s these materials’ performances and versatility allowed them to be at the center of a cultural revolution.

New ways of consumption, durability, and affordability unfolded a new chapter in the relationship between men and plastics, turning the latter into a threat for the environment. 

Plastiz - Storia del materiale

Waste does not exist. 

At Plastiz by recycling plastic waste we celebrate this circular economy principle.

At Plastiz starting from waste we create products with further uses that can be also integrated into new cycles of production.


Gian Luca Beruto

CEO & Founder

Gian Luca Beruto - ritratto

Alessandro Grella

Architect, Ph.D. & Founder

Alessandro Grella  - ritratto

Paolo Martino

Maker & Founder

Paolo Martino - ritratto

Andrea Sirianni

Engineer & Founder

Andrea Siriani - ritratto

Giuseppe Vinci

Architect & Founder

Giuseppe Vinci  - ritratto

Pasquale Onofrio

Designer & Founder

Pasquale Onofrio - ritratto

Marco Corcione

Manager & Founder

Marco Corcione - ritratto

Letizia Baldo

Design & Research

Letizia Baldo - ritratto

Sara Bellini

Communication & Marketing


Plastiz was initiated by Izmade Impresa Sociale SRL, a design and architecture studio that creates custom-made furniture and promotes social impact and environmental sustainability.
Plastiz company structure includes Izmade and three more founders.

Born in 2012 from an idea of Dave Hakkens, Precious Plastic is today a global community of research and sharing of knowledge about the plastic recycling process, with the goal to develop an alternative recycling system. 

Plastiz was inspired by the Precious Plastic Universe, of which shares values and mission, and is part of its Workspace network.


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