The Premium collection is produced from recycled plastics, the six polymers used in the collection are among the most common thermoplastic materials and can be recycled again.
The collection is always available to order in different thicknesses and we ensure a product quality guarantee.


Custom surfaces are designed in collaboration with partners and customers, to recycle their own materials or to satisfy specific requests on colour and texture.


Insane surfaces are the result of our company’s Research activity, testing new materials, production processes, or melting the most diverse plastics.



Plastiz main semi finished product is the panel, in three standard sizes:
29 x 21 centimeters, 40 x40 centimeters, and 250 x 125 centimeters.
The thickness can vary from 3 to 30 millimeters.
Size and thickness of the semi finished product can be arranged on request.
It is also possible to provide the semi finished products or other elements in further shapes.


Plastiz semi finished product is particularly indicated for constructions, furniture and all the applications where textures and patterns can add value to the final product.

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