Plastiz takes part in initiatives and projects that involve citizens, organisations and institutions with the objective to generate social impact.
Raising awareness on environmental protection, circular economy, and sustainable entrepreneurship, and encouraging the adoption of socially responsible behaviour are the themes promoted by Plastiz.

Plastiz organizes training activities for schools, companies and institutions, where the ethics of responsibility is encouraged and the tools for a conscious management of plastic wastes are provided. The Workshop consists of an introduction on plastic materials, and their history and diffusion, and a creative laboratory that reproduces the recycling process.

Plastiz proposes a team building experience that engages the groups with the production of recycled plastic products from everyday objects.
Plastics and their manufacturing are the tool to establish a place for shared learning, enhance collaboration among participants and stimulate their creativity.

As part of the Precious Plastic Universe we make our Makerspace available to rent for the production of 40 x 40 centimeters panels. Users can contribute to the project, grind their own plastic material, and thermoform it for their creations.

Plastiz - Makerspace


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